Sabtu, 03 September 2016

"Lakoca Cuanki" Delicious Instant Snack from Bandung city

In last post i wrote about how the instant food trend being so popular nowdays. This food item, so easy to prepare and store, that's why instant food are perfectly suits the hectic pace of modern life nowdays. In Indonesia, this trend are also increasingly playing an important role in day life. Many large to small food company try to find an inovative idea to make instant food.

I live in Bandung city for almost 9 years. The people of Bandung are never lack in creativity. Each day, there will be a brand new things invented in this city, including food. Bandung is well known as the source of creative and unique food in Indonesia. You can find a lot of cheap restaurants in Bandung. In Indonesia there is famous snack a meatball culinary, Bandung city also have its own meatball cuisine, which is cuanki. From the name of it, you may guess that it is a Chinese cuisine, but it is not. Cuanki is actually an acronym from Bahasa Indonesia, ‘Cari Uang jalan kaki’, which means ‘makes some money by foot/walking’. That is because these foods are generally sell with a cart or pole carried by the merchant. Cuanki’s concept is similar to meatballs, with beef meatballs and refined processed flour is sprinkled with savory sauce, then sprinkled with chopped celery leaves and the most important is fried dumplings, sometimes it's add by tofu and meatballs too.

As i said earlier,Bandung people are never lack in creativity, yes they are! because now, you don't have wait too long for mamang cuangki ( merchant of cuanki) come to your neighbourhood to enjoy cuanki, because now there is an instant cuanki.

Cuanki Lakoca is the first Cuanki instant cup in Bandung city, Indonesia and the whole world :D . Cuanki Lakoca based in Cimahi, Bandung owned by young enterpreneur named Ocha. It's really easy to prepare, just add hot water, yes! it's the same way like you always do when you make an instant noodle. Just add hot water, wait 3-5 minutes , add the ingredients and the instant cuanki is ready to eat! You have to taste this snack! It's really delicious and tastefull. And when the rain falls down, i think it's the best way to enjoy Cuanki Lakoca. It'll warm your body up! If oneday you visit Bandung city Don't forget to bring lakoca home and let's enjoy the cuanki lakoca with someone you love.

Bandung is the place for culinary lovers as it homes to a lot of traditional yet unique food in Indonesia. You can find cheap restaurants in Bandung easily, each with its own unique dishes. If you want to try a traditional yet delicious food of Bandung, try Cuanki Lakoca. A portion of cuanki Lakoca will make you want to eat more and more. If you're not live in Bandung city, don't worry you still can order via online too.

For more info about cuanki Lakoca you can contact via :

sms/whatsapp: +62 81321034343

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